In the WRITER 2.0 Podcast, A.C. Fuller spoke with Roger Hobbs, bestselling author of Ghostman.


IN PART 2:  

  • the psychology of gambling;

  • how he ended up playing Mahjong with a group of triad members at the top of a casino in Macau;

  • what unifies all great crime movies;

  • the film American Beauty;

  • why we’re in the golden age of TV;

  • three books that changed his writing life;

  • his new novel, Vanishing Games.

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IN PART 1: We talked about his new novel, Vanishing Games, and also touched on:

  • his earliest writing memory;

  • how his agent found him;

  • whose couch he was sleeping on when he found out his debut novel had sold all over the world;

  • the rabbit hole of Amazon reviews;

  • the emptiness at the center of the Ego and how that relates to his breakout novel, Ghostman.

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ROGER is interviewed by ALABAMA LIBERAL, and in this interview he describes how he learned to pick locks and steal cars. He explains his debt to Lee Child and describes the research process he used in Vanishing Games. A discussion of the character's lack of morality is followed by some discussion of "casino towns." The interview then explores the nature of fluid identity and anonymity, and we learn that Roger sees Ghostman as possessing the ultimate freedom to choose who he wants to be. We learn that Roger created an autobiography for the Ghostman and discussion considers the potential film roles for the character. The film Heat by Michael Mann was an influence on Roger's crime writing. 


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