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The Golden Minute

Taken while I was checking out of the hotel. Bad hangover.

In the armed robbery community, there is an opportunity known as the Golden Minute. The precious few moments between an armored car pulling up and the cash entering the casino doors. At a casino like this one, the Encore, an armored car pulls up at a different entrance and at a different time each day. The drivers are greeted by at least three casino personnel, who carry the cash, which is kept in a 3ft Sentry Safe, on a trolley to the cash cages and then further to the casino vault. This process takes between 1 and 10 minutes.

On a Monday morning, when all the ATMs are empty and the weekend guests have checked out either with cash or with nothing, the take from a single delivery might be as high as 5 million bucks. More on Chinese holidays. More on weekends, especially 3-day weekends. More on fight nights. More on club nights.

Not bad for a minute’s work, don’t you think? (I’m a fiction writer, btw. If you try this, you’ll go to jail.)

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